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Succeed in Hebrew “Aleph” – Beginners Level

Enhance your Hebrew with a pair of accompanied CDs

אנגלית רגיל.jpg

ISBN: 978-965-7493-03-8

עברית רגיל.jpg

ISBN: 978-965-7493-01-4


The same 2 CDs accompany the Hebrew studying via each of the books "To Succeed in Hebrew - Aleph - accompanied by English Translations" and "To Succeed in Hebrew - Aleph".

The CDs include all reading passages, dialogs and songs that appear in the books.

Studying Hebrew accompanied by a book and CD is important for mastering the Hebrew language:

  • Enables the learner to develop listening ability and to practice speech

  • Enables fluent and accurate speech

  • Enriches the studying

  • Improves the appropriate diction of the words

  • Provides the learner to become acquainted with the Israeli unique culture


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