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About the Author | Meira Ma'adia

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The author, Meira Ma'adia, completed her B.A. in Education and Hebrew language at Bar-Ilan University. In 1985 she continued her studies at the university and received her M.A. in Hebrew language and Judaism.

Her M.A. paper on Political Persuasion under the guidance of Professor Rachel Landau ob''m, of the Bar-Ilan University was based upon speeches of Members of the Knesset. She investigated and examined the linguistics the MK's use in their speeches in order to persuade the public the justification of their opinions. She examined the semantic characteristics, syntax and logic of the speakers. Meira's work proved very successful amongst students studying the topics of the Theory of conversation, Political drive and Politician's manner of persuasion.

Her books are the product of thirty-five years' experience in teaching the Hebrew language in various educational institutions in Israel and abroad.

The books have been and continue to be a great asset for new immigrants to Israel from all over the world, particularly from the Soviet Union. Many students in Israel and abroad have been helped by her books to acquire the Hebrew language, Hebrew culture and Jewish Tradition.

Today her books are used by many educational institutions such as: Ulpans, universities, Special Education, "Oryanut" education and directed instruction. Likewise, her books are used in Jewish schools and communities abroad.

Certificates of esteem from the Department of Education and Culture in Israel have been given to Mrs. Ma'adia for her blessed contribution to the educational system.


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